YelpNLG: Review Corpus for NLG

If you use these resources in your research, please refer to and cite:  Curate and Generate: A Corpus and Method for Joint Control of Semantics and Style in Neural NLG. S. Oraby, V. Harrison, A. Ebrahimi, and M. Walker. To appear at ACL 2019. Florence, Italy.

Overview: YelpNLG provides resources for natural language generation of restaurant reviews. The corpus consists of ~300,000 MR-to-NL (meaning representation to natural language reference) created using freely available restaurant reviews from Yelp.  MRs include semantic information as well as a novel characterization of descriptive lexical choice, sentiment, length, personal pronouns, and exclamations. The lexicons include a set of values instantiating popular attributes from the restaurant domain, e.g. cuisine or food.

Corpus: The corpus available for download is a set of 3 CSVs containing the instances in the train, dev, and test splits. Each instance includes a reference, MR, and a set of style variables. The README includes data formatting details.

Lexicons: The lexicons available for download are a set of 6 text files, one for each attribute of interest (ambience, cuisine, food, price, restaurant, service, and staff). Each file contains a set of values for the given attribute, one per line. 

Download: Fill out the following form to download the YelpNLG corpus and lexicons.

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