The NLDS lab at UCSC focuses on computational modeling of dialogue and user generated content in social media such as weblogs. Current research projects include:

    1. A team within our lab represents 1 of the 12 teams selected to participate in the Alexa Prize competition.
    2. Generation of Expressive dialogue in interactive stories and games.
    3. Computational modeling of dialogue in online chat forums and debates.
    4. Storytelling and repurposing of content for storytelling from personal narratives in Weblogs. This includes the conversion of monologic content into a dialogue between multiple speakers. 
    5. Induction of causal and narrative structure and schemas from narratively structured text such as film and personal narratives.
    6. Computational modeling of discourse structure in narratives. 

The Natural Language and Dialogue Systems lab is located at Engineering 2 Rooms 393 and 387.

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