Sarcasm Corpus V1

Updated Corpus: Sarcasm Corpus V2 -- A larger and more extensive sarcasm dataset has just been released (Sept 2016), and is currently being expanded with newly annotated data, based on a larger number of annotators for better agreement and varied forms of sarcasm.

Overview: The Sarcasm Corpus V1 is a subset of the Internet Argument Corpus (IAC, also available for download), including response text from quote-response pairs annotated for sarcasm.

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Related Papers:

  • Marilyn A. Walker, Pranav Anand, Jean E. Fox Tree, Rob Abbott, Joseph King. "A Corpus for Research on Deliberation and Debate." In Proceedings of the 8th International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation (LREC), Istanbul, Turkey, 2012.

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Contact: Please direct questions to Shereen Oraby: soraby [at] ucsc [dot] edu

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